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Dr. jennifer Cantu


My Story.
 My Mission.

Jennifer Cantu was born in Laredo, Texas, the youngest of 5; “the accident” as her siblings used to tease her. Jennifer grew up in, “Las Lomas” where “you are only as good as your word and your word is only as good as your actions.” 

Jennifer is a graduate of UT San Antonio, where she earned a B.S. in biology. While working toward a M.A. in biotechnology, she was invited by the National Institute of Health (NIH) to travel to Africa to contribute to graduate research projects, which lead to a teaching opportunity in China. On her return to North American, she accepted a position as a medical student at the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico.

 Jennifer’s experiences studying, living, and working abroad have made her keenly aware that we’re not that different. We all desire the same things. We all want the same things from our families, access to quality health care, safe shelter, equal education, and stable finances.”

Jennifer is proud to call the beautiful and diverse community of Fort Bend her home. Her personal story and passion for Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) is one of the many reasons why she has dedicated her career to Child Development.  She currently works in Fort Bend as an early childhood intervention (ECI) therapist for a local non-profit agency. Her role has given her the opportunity to see the benefits of ECI, but also see the great need that exists for in our community. Development delays, if not addressed early, hurt children, families, and cost everyone in the community in the long run.

 In her many roles such as Social Outreach Coordinator, Jennifer is aware that affordable healthcare alone is useless without accessible healthcare, lack of access will only lead to overcrowded emergency rooms with elevated cost to patients and the challenges on both urban and rural health care

Jennifer strongly believes that receiving a strong public education should not depend on your zip code. Education is the great equalizer, but only if it is equal. Lower income communities should feel confident that the public education their children receive is equivalent to the public education that children in higher-income communities receive. 

Lastly, Jennifer wants to work to ensure that Texas remains an attractive place to live and do business. We must create opportunity for all by invigorating rural and urban economic development. Rural economic empowerment is the key to the development of the state. We better serve Texans when we work together to promote respect and cooperation. Jennifer Cantu understands that Texas’ strength is its diversity. We are stronger together.

 As a co-founder and current board member of Fort Bend for All, Jennifer embodies the organization’s motto of providing outreach, advocacy, and justice for all. Jennifer also sits on the board of Fort Bend Parents of Multiples. She is a former board member of Fort Bend CAN, and she is a graduate of Organizing for Action (OFA). Jennifer is currently serving as a Fort Bend precinct chair and is a member of the Fort Bend Democratic Hispanic Advisory Committee. Jennifer is also on the leadership team for Fort Bend Tejano Democrats. She was also involved in the parent-teacher organization (PTO) at her children’s school.  She is also on the board for Latinas Rising Texas.

Jennifer lives in Rosenberg, with her family. She is a member of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church. Jennifer enjoys a good “carne asada” and spending quality time her family.

We are all different

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Jennifer Cantu

“Nothing just happens.
It is what it is.
All things work together for the good”

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